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Ganduje’s Dollar Videos Confirmed as Authentic by Anti-Corruption Commission


The Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC) of Kano State has confirmed the authenticity of the videos allegedly showing ex-Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje accepting bribes.

The PCACC conducted a forensic analysis of the videos and determined that they were not doctored.

The investigation into the videos began in 2018 but was halted due to Ganduje’s immunity as the governor.

He said, “Anybody that knows can tell that I am passionate about what I am doing which is fighting corruption. People are disturbing me and pressurizing me to probe the dollar video. We are on it already, part of which is; forensic analysis confirmed to us that the video is not doctored.”

The PCACC chairman emphasized the broader fight against corruption, highlighting the recovery of property worth N200 million and an ongoing corruption case of over N100 billion.

However, there are critics who argue that there is a lack of investigation into corruption allegations and societal tolerance of suspects.

The Good Governance and Advocacy Group (GGAG) warned against what they perceive as an attempt by the Kano government to discredit Ganduje for political reasons.

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