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Johnny Drille Shatters Nigerian Ladies’ Hearts with Surprise Marriage Announcement


Johnny Drille, a signee of Mavin Records, surprised many Nigerians with the announcement of his marriage.

Mavin Records CEO, Don Jazzy, shared a picture of Johnny and his wife on Instagram, expressing his happiness for them.

Don Jazzy mentioned that Johnny Drille deserved to find a wonderful woman to share his life with.

In honor of his wife Rima Tahini’s birthday, Don Jazzy also wrote a blog post celebrating their union.

He wrote, “With all the amazing love songs that @johnnydrille has written in his life, it’s only right that he bags one of the most amazing women I have met to share #Thebestpart of his life with. I am so happy for both of you. May GOD continue to bless your union. Happy birthday again @rimouuune.”

Johnny Drille himself shared a video on Instagram, thanking his wife for being a part of his life.

“I’m grateful for you all who share in my world, this part of me I’ve never shared before until now, THE VERY BEST PART. You complete me @rimouuune; thank you for loving me.”

Rima Tahini also expressed her gratitude to God for all the gifts in her life.

She wrote, “+1 🎈and could not be more grateful for all of God’s gifts in my life. Thank you all for the love and kindness.”

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