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Kano Government’s Plan to Ridicule Ganduje Sparks Alarm from Coalition


A coalition of Northern Civil Society Groups, known as the Good Governance and Advocacy Group (GGAG), has expressed concern over the Kano State government’s alleged plan to discredit former governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

The coalition claims that the state government is using the state anti-corruption commission to tarnish Ganduje’s reputation through a politically motivated dialogue.

The coalition argues that this is an attempt to prevent Ganduje, who has a good relationship with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, from securing a political appointment.

The coalition criticizes the commission for organizing the dialogue with hand-picked participants and excluding other civil society organizations.

They describe the actions of the commission as vindictive, malicious, and politically motivated.

The coalition also suggests that some members of the participating CSOs are known members of a political party in Kano.

They believe that these attacks are aimed at undermining Ganduje’s chances of securing a position in Tinubu’s administration and damaging his relationship with the President.

The coalition urges the public to disregard the activities of the commission and highlights the ongoing legal proceedings related to the matter.

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