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Morientes Names Potential Successor for Benzema’s No.9 Shirt at Real Madrid


With Karim Benzema’s departure from Real Madrid looming, fans and pundits are speculating about who could fill the void left by the prolific striker. In an interview, former Real Madrid player Fernando Morientes shared his opinion on the matter, suggesting the best player to inherit Benzema’s iconic No.9 shirt. In this article, we explore Morientes’ insights and discuss the potential successor to Benzema at Real Madrid.

Morientes’ Recommendation: A Player to Watch

Fernando Morientes, who himself excelled as a striker during his time at Real Madrid, believes that finding the right successor for Benzema is crucial. According to Morientes, one player stands out as the most suitable candidate to take on the responsibility of wearing the No.9 shirt and leading the line for Real Madrid. His recommendation carries weight, given his understanding of the club’s demands and history.

The Criteria for Selection

To identify the best player to replace Benzema, several factors must be considered. The chosen player should possess exceptional technical skills, goal-scoring ability, versatility in attacking positions, and the temperament to handle the pressure that comes with wearing the prestigious No.9 shirt at Real Madrid. It is essential to find a player who can seamlessly integrate into the team’s playing style and contribute significantly to their success.

The Potential Successor: Unveiling Real Madrid’s New No.9

While Morientes did not mention a specific name, there are several players who could be strong contenders for the coveted No.9 shirt at Real Madrid. Among them are emerging talents, established stars, and potential signings that align with the club’s philosophy. The chosen player must not only possess the necessary skills but also have the potential for long-term success and the ability to make an immediate impact.

The Weight of the No.9 Shirt Legacy

The No.9 shirt at Real Madrid carries a rich legacy, with iconic players like Ronaldo, Hugo Sánchez, and Morientes himself leaving an indelible mark while donning that number. Whoever assumes the No.9 shirt will be following in the footsteps of these legends and will be expected to uphold the standards associated with the prestigious number.


As Real Madrid prepares for life without Karim Benzema, the search for his successor and the rightful wearer of the No.9 shirt intensifies. Fernando Morientes, a former Real Madrid striker, has provided his insight on the matter, adding weight to the discussion. While the specific player remains undisclosed, the criteria for selection and the weight of the No.9 shirt’s legacy at Real Madrid are clear. As the transfer window unfolds, fans eagerly await the announcement of the player who will continue the tradition of excellence associated with the No.9 shirt at one of football’s most storied clubs.

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