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Nigerians told to Stop Consuming Kuli Kuli over Health concerns


Residents of Bauchi State and other parts of Northern Nigeria have been advised to stop consuming Kuli Kuli due to health concerns.

Kuli Kuli is a popular delicacy made from peanuts and is widely eaten in the Northern part of Nigeria.

However, recent findings have revealed that the poor handling and unhygienic packaging of Kuli Kuli by those who prepare it has raised health concerns.

A survey conducted in major markets in Bauchi showed that the commodity is often produced and marketed in unhealthy conditions, causing discerning consumers to fear for their health.

As a result, some residents have decided to stop eating Kuli Kuli until the conditions under which it is prepared and sold are significantly improved.

Efforts to file complaints with the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission have not produced effective results so far.

It is important to note that consuming food exposed to flies and an unhealthy environment can lead to food poisoning.

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