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Oba Otudeko’s Lawyers Respond To Ecobank On Barbican Capital Shares


July 12, (THEWILL) – Wole Olanipekun & Co, the legal representatives of Dr. Oba Otudeko, Chairman of Honeywell Group Limited, have issued a response to the letter from Ecobank Nigeria Limited regarding the recognition of shares transferred to Barbican Capital Limited.

The law firm, on behalf of Dr. Oba Otudeko, urged FBN Holdings PLC to disregard the requests made in Ecobank’s letter.

The response emphasized the absence of a specific court order supporting Ecobank’s claims and highlighted the statutory duties of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a financial institution.

In the letter from Otudeko’s legal representatives, it is also stated that the debt amount of N13. 5 billion mentioned in the Ecobank’s letter is not supported by any court decision, including the ruling from the Supreme Court.

The lawyers noted that the sum of N13,507,052,417.99 (thirteen billion, five hundred and seven million, fifty two thousand, four hundred and seventeen naira, ninety nine kobo) stated in Ecobank’s letter is/was not contained in the Supreme Court decision or any extant Court decision in Nigeria or elsewhere.

Furthermore, no order of court has also awarded the same or any judgment sum (as debt owed) at all in favour of Ecobank as a liability from our clients or any of the Honeywell companies.

“Accordingly, we urge you to ignore and decline all the requests contained in the said letter,” the lawyers argued.

The response clarifies that no court has awarded such a judgment sum in favour of Ecobank against Dr. Otudeko or any of the Honeywell companies.

The letter asserts that the responsibilities of a CEO of a financial institution are limited to statutory duties and do not extend to intervening in transactions between third parties on the Nigerian Exchange.

“As you are aware, the duties of the Chief Executive Officer of a financial institution are statutory and they do not extend to the various actions Ecobank’s letter requested you to perform, including but not limited to intervention in transactions between third parties on the Nigerian Exchang,” said Oba Otudeku’s lawyers.

The response raises concerns about the confidentiality obligations incumbent upon the CEO and institution, asserting that Ecobank’s requests for disclosures are inconsistent with these obligations.

It is emphasized that there is no express court order mandating such disclosures.

Consequently, Otudeko’s legal representatives urged FBN Holdings to dismiss and reject the requests made in Ecobank’s letter, highlighting the lack of a court order supporting the claims.

The response expresses confidence in the FBN Holdings CEO’s understanding of the prevailing circumstances and their adherence to legitimate positions.

The ongoing exchange between Ecobank and Otudeko’s legal representatives relates to the recognition of shares held by Barbican Capital Limited which has continued to draw attention from stakeholders and industry experts.

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