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We’ll Improve – NCAA Admits Flaws In Data Released On Flight Delays, Cancellations



July 14, (THEWILL) – The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), has assured airlines of improvement in its data released on delays, cancellations, baggage losses, passenger and traffic figures.

NCAA Director General, Captain Musa Nuhu, gave the assurances on Thursday, when he spoke with newsmen.

Allen Onyema, Chairman, Air Peace, on Tuesday, at the Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) Brunch Business Meeting, urged the NCAA to ensure that data released on delays, cancellations, baggage losses and other passenger and traffic figures are categorised and broken down for clarity.

Onyema, noting the flaws in the data released, said the non- categorisation creates impression that airlines are responsible for flight delays and cancellations.

The Air Peace boss said there are other multiple factors beyond airlines that cause cancellations which should be highlighted in NCAA’s data.

Captain Nuhu, who agreed with Onyema, told newsmen many other factors caused delays.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Nuhu said, “When you say delays, there are many reasons for delays, it is only fair and proper for everybody to give reasons for delays. What percentage of delays was caused by infrastructure? What amount of delay was caused by weather? What delays were caused by the airlines themselves, I think this is fair enough.

“I think the different reasons for the delays are important and we will take that into consideration for fairness to everybody because if you just say delay you might create a wrong Impression that the airlines are responsible for 100% of the delays.

“I want to say delays are a global phenomenon but we want to minimise the number of delays that happen. If you know the reasons, if you categorise the reasons then you can see where actions can be taken or changes can be made or measures can be put in place to minimise such delays.

“So yes in fairness to them, I do agree with them that the report could have carried different reasons for the delays. So going forward we’ve listened to them and we will try to include that in our reports.”

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